Our professional team has over 20 years of experience working with governmental agencies and departments, private sector companies, and international organizations. We have high standards of communications, cultural understanding and recognized business ethics; we are leaders in this field. Based on the www.mongolianbusinessdatabase.com project, and our extensive information and communication network, we offer you all requisite professional support services for business in Mongolia, helping you to establish and expand your business connections. We offer a combined business and travel program with the purpose of supporting your visit to Mongolia in order to know and understand the beauty of Mongolia’s nature, culture and people. In partnership with a leading travel company, we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for travelers at all times.

MBD hosted Mongolian trade missions to the Mongolian British Chamber of Commerce’s “Doing Business with Mongolia” seminar and business program in London since 2015 (appx 20 times) and business group missions to Sydney, Ottawa, Washington DC and Liverpool in between 2015-2023 and hosted “Mongolian Cashmere, Wool and Leather 2020 International expo” and “14th International Mine Closure Conference 2021” by virtual mode due to the pandemic condition.

We are officially representing the Czech Republic’s “Czech Business Support” project in Mongolia since Nov 2019.