Our company arranges your business meetings and travel bookings.

Combined business and travel programs are implemented according to the individual wishes and needs of our clients. Each program has its own characteristics, requirements and organizational styles, so we negotiate with you to provide a thoroughly tailor-made travel experience.

The duration of the combined business and travel program varies according to client needs, with the average duration being around 7-10 days. Short durations of 3-4 days are also popular with travel destinations within Mongolia chosen depending on personal preference and interest.

Family orientated trips can also be incorporated into your business schedule based on your family needs and interests.

B2B or business plan

3-5 days tailor-made business program in Ulaanbaatar, Darhan or/and Erdenet city by the need, interest or/and demand of the special business request and interest. We will organize appx 4-6 business meetings with most prospective clients or/and partners in the country that could link to the special visits to the particular production plant, warehouse and sales center etc. The translator and local transportation would be included.